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CDK scoot shop france
Montreux, Switzerland 2011
French Toast Photo Shoot
Monster skatepark camp, Australia
Monster skatepark camp 2
Sarasota, Florida
Filming in Australia
reserve bank-560
Screen Shot 2011-09-15 at 1.46.42 PM
Chris at Buckys bowl
Chris Hart - m
Allen-TX-Zig - m
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Elyts Backpack Plaid

Just in time for the Holidays Elyts is releasing a new version of our popular scooter backpack.   With the Elyts backpack you can carry your scooter assembled, taken apart or attach it to your ...

Elyts Snapback Hat

Our riders are extremely particular when it comes to hats. The material has to be right, the fit and shape of the hat and bill has to be perfect and it may not stick out on the sides. With the help of ...

Elyts Ruckus

These are the shoes scooter riders are waiting for: Slim shape and low profile, vulcanized outsoles and suede leather. Elyts combined this with our legendary shock absorbing sole technology and high r ...



Here is a little taste of what went down at the HASKE Barcelona Street Jam. Congratulations to Elliott Arnold for his win. Filmed and edited by @rudygarciaphotography

Elyts in El Paso - Part 3

Day 3 of Elyts’ road trip to El Paso, Texas. With Tyler Bonner, Zig Short, Cory Vanlew, Elliott Arnold and Matt McKeen.

Elyts in El Paso - Part 2

Day 2 of Elyts’ road trip to El Paso, Texas. With Tyler Bonner, Jessie Ikedah, Zig Short, Cory Vanlew, Elliott Arnold and Matt McKeen.

Elyts in El Paso - Part 1

The Elyts team & friends recently went on a road trip to scooter's paradise. Watch Elliott Arnold, Jessee Ikedah, Tyler Bonner, Matt McKeen, Cory Vanlew and Zig Short destroying the streets of El Paso, Texas.

Filmed and edited by Rudy Garcia

LA Streets On Fire | Elyts Ruckus

Recently we had Tyler Bonner & Jessee Ikedah head down from Seatlle to shred with Cory and Zig in LA. Elliot Arnold decided to head up from SD and from there its history. Filming with this power crew was nothing but banger after banger. It was great to see Tyler back from his knee injury and going hard again.

Filmed: Max Manning (Media Revere), Phillip Long, Rudy Garcia, Jake Hershey
Edited: Phillip Long (Motion Art Productions)

Riders: Cory Vanlew, Zig Short, Tyler Bonner, Elliot Arnold, & Jessee Ikedah.

Song: Joker and the Theif - Wolfmother

Elliott Arnold - Ruckus Shoes Edit

Elliott Arnold showing his digs in a new edit featuring both some nasty shred and a variety of the new Ruckus shoe line! This boy goin nuts on them kink rails!

Elyts in LA

After the CooterCon and Seattle Street Jam the Elyts team hooked up with Matt McKeen and spend a week in LA to give the new Ruckus a good beating. Check it out.

With Cory Vanlew, Elliott Arnold, Zig Short and Matt Mckeen.

Filmed and edied by Max Manning.
Photos: Rudy Garcia

Elyts in Paris

Luke Painter, Hugo Svare, Lambert Judith and Florian Toegel met in Paris to put the new Elyts Ruckus shoes to the test. Check it out.

Thanks Rootsboy for hooking this up.

Elyts All Star Montage 2

This edit showcases is part 2 of the montage section of the Elyts DVD Stylites and it includes many unpublished clips. Starring: Helmeri Pirinnen, Javi Trepat, Cory Geisler, Julian Zieger, Flavio Pesenti, Tyler Bonner, Remi Bouchard, Jon Reyes, Cory Vanlew, Mathias Holst, Adam Bolton, Luke Painter, Johan Walzel, Max Peters and Dan Barrett.

Filmed: Phillip Long, Andy Rea, & Max Manning
Edited: Phillip Long

Stylites Thursday: BenJ Friant

BenJ is one of the most solid and versatile riders we seen when filming for the Elyts DVD. His skating blew us away and he landed most trick first or second try. BenJ belongs hands down to the top riders of the world.

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  • US Pro Team
  • Elliott Arnold

    San Diego, CA

  • Cory Vanlew


  • Tyler Bonner

  • Jon Reyes

    Queens, NY

  • Zig Short

    San Marcos, CA /Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

  • US AM Team
  • Zack Martin

    San Marcos, CA

  • Pro Team
  • Johan Walzel

    Prague, Czech Republic

  • Am Team
  • Germany Am
  • Julian Zieger

    Penzberg, Germany

  • Germany Pro
  • Finland Pro
  • ES Pro Team
  • Pol Aceña

    Olesa de Montserrat, Barcelona

  • Rubén Rodríguez

    Gava (Barcelona)

  • Marc Pauls

    Barcelona, Spain

  • ES AM Team
  • France Pro
  • Enzo Commeau


  • Flavio Pesenti

    Nimes, France

  • Remi Bouchard

    Morteau, France

  • France Am
  • UK Pro Team
  • Dom Olorenshaw

  • Luke Painter

    Melksham, Wiltshire

  • UK Am Team
  • Ryan Scott

  • CH Pro Team
  • BenJ Friant

    Blonay, Switzerland

  • CH AM Team
  • Denmark Pro Team
  • Denmark Am Team
  • Jonas Kjær Nielsen


  • Austria Am
  • Austria Pro
  • Marko Szabo


  • AM
  • Felix Broo

    Skånes Fagerhult

  • Pro