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Elyts 2016 Backpack

The new Elyts backpack comes with some significant upgrades:  We made it a tad smaller (H19.5” x D 8” x W13”), but added a third main pocket and separated  the laptop holde ...

T-Shirt Boxed

100 % cotten, pre-washed, ...

Enzo Signature Shoe

Enzo Commulux Shoe: Enzo Commeau is the first rider ever to receive a pro shoe from Elyts. It’s sharing the construction and shape of the Rebel shoes but comes with suede leather and waxed lace ...





The name says it all. Simple, light and ready to get f$#%ing gnarly. The Rebel is the embodiment of every street kids idea of a great and affordable shoe. It gives the middle finger to the man and has rocks out while doing so. . Available in 2 Colorways as well as a special additional Commulux build! Canvas cut in sharp blue or gutter black! Pick up a pair and show the streets how much of a rebel you can be



Elliott Arnold
Cory Vanlew
Enzo Commeau
Hunter Bechtle
Nick Donatelli

Filmed & Edited by: Max Manning



Ryan Upchurch at D Block Skatepark!

Great to see everyone rockin the new COMMULUX signature shoes! check out this new edit with Ryan Upchurch just killing for The Vault Pro Scooters at the infamous D Block bowl in Portland Oregon.!- T.W.

BenJ Friant 2015

The Wait's Over: Rebel Shoes in Stores Now

Elyts Rebel shoes are based on a basic skate shoe with a lower profile and slimmer shape giving them a skate specific look. Overall they're more flexible and fit tighter on your feet than the Ruckus shoes. They are also more breathable and you get an even better deck feel than before. They are made of canvas material and come with a newly developed insole which is made of an open cell PU/Carbon foam which provides good breathability, moisture absorption, is odor free and very comfortable. Elyts also maintained its signature high rubber content of the outsole (DIN 90) for abrasive resistance and long life span.

Enzo Commulux Shoes

Now shipping:
Enzo Commeau is the first rider ever to receive a pro shoe from Elyts. It’s sharing the construction and shape of the Rebel shoes but comes with suede leather and waxed laces. However the biggest improvement is under the skin as the suede leather is laminated with a woven fabric which prevents it from stretching and ripping. It comes with a newly developed insole which is made of an open cell PU/Carbon foam which provides good breathability, moisture absorption, is odor free and very comfortable. The outsole comes with the highest possible rubber content (DIN 90) for ultimate abrasive resistance and long life span.

Matis Deleplanque

Matis ,15 years old come from Paris, France shreddig the city with his unique technicle style.
Song : PaperBoy Da Great Ft. Waka Flocka Flame - Wut U Kno

A film by Sebastien "Papi" Prot.

Elyts: Hunter Bechtle

Elyts footwear always brings you the best street scooter riding. Here is Hunter Bechtle from MicroXtreme with some hammers. This video was made in 10 days by @rudygarciaphotography in Los Angleles CA. Support scooter footwear and buy a pair of Elyts!

Elyts: Tyler Bonner

Tyler Bonner and Rudy Garcia filmed this "TROOPS" edit in Los Angeles, CA in 5 days.

The EuroChronicles

Throw away footage from out last Euro travels. Wit Elliott Arnold, Luke Painter, Brad Ackermann, Cory Vanlew.
FIlmed and edited by @rudygarciaphotography

BENJAMIN FRIANT 2014 | Bangers

It has been really hard for BenJ to find people to film him this year as he's more and more riding alone. Here's the footage he got these last few months tho. Thank you to all the filmers !

Elyts footwear welcome to helLA

The Elyts Squad teams up with the homies Issac Miller, Logan Fuller, and Ben Jelenik for some action packed shreddage in LA.

Filmed/edited by: @rudygarciaphotography

Enzo Commeau Takes Paris

This short edits perfectly captures the mood and excitement at the Dissidence Street Jam in Paris. Watch Enzo's amazing winning tricks.

Elyts in Barcelona

Grand Master Roots Boy created another masterpiece in the city of all dreams Barcelona: After warming up at the Street Jam the Elyts team stayed an extra week to show what street skating is all about. The filming and editing is off the charts and only topped by the amazing skating. Starring Luke Painter, Elliott Arnold, Georg Gartlehner, Cory Vanlew, BenJ, Lambert Judith, Enzo Commeau, Johan Walzel and Remi Bouchard.
Filmed by Sebastian Prot, Rudy Garcia, Luke Painter Edited by Sebastian Prot A Roots Boy production.


Here is a little taste of what went down at the HASKE Barcelona Street Jam. Congratulations to Elliott Arnold for his win. Filmed and edited by @rudygarciaphotography

Elyts in El Paso - Part 3

Day 3 of Elyts’ road trip to El Paso, Texas. With Tyler Bonner, Zig Short, Cory Vanlew, Elliott Arnold and Matt McKeen.

Elyts in El Paso - Part 2

Day 2 of Elyts’ road trip to El Paso, Texas. With Tyler Bonner, Jessie Ikedah, Zig Short, Cory Vanlew, Elliott Arnold and Matt McKeen.

Elyts in El Paso - Part 1

The Elyts team & friends recently went on a road trip to scooter's paradise. Watch Elliott Arnold, Jessee Ikedah, Tyler Bonner, Matt McKeen, Cory Vanlew and Zig Short destroying the streets of El Paso, Texas.

Filmed and edited by Rudy Garcia

LA Streets On Fire | Elyts Ruckus

Recently we had Tyler Bonner & Jessee Ikedah head down from Seatlle to shred with Cory and Zig in LA. Elliot Arnold decided to head up from SD and from there its history. Filming with this power crew was nothing but banger after banger. It was great to see Tyler back from his knee injury and going hard again.

Filmed: Max Manning (Media Revere), Phillip Long, Rudy Garcia, Jake Hershey
Edited: Phillip Long (Motion Art Productions)

Riders: Cory Vanlew, Zig Short, Tyler Bonner, Elliot Arnold, & Jessee Ikedah.

Song: Joker and the Theif - Wolfmother

Elliott Arnold - Ruckus Shoes Edit

Elliott Arnold showing his digs in a new edit featuring both some nasty shred and a variety of the new Ruckus shoe line! This boy goin nuts on them kink rails!

Elyts in LA

After the CooterCon and Seattle Street Jam the Elyts team hooked up with Matt McKeen and spend a week in LA to give the new Ruckus a good beating. Check it out.

With Cory Vanlew, Elliott Arnold, Zig Short and Matt Mckeen.

Filmed and edied by Max Manning.
Photos: Rudy Garcia

Elyts in Paris

Luke Painter, Hugo Svare, Lambert Judith and Florian Toegel met in Paris to put the new Elyts Ruckus shoes to the test. Check it out.

Thanks Rootsboy for hooking this up.

Elyts All Star Montage 2

This edit showcases is part 2 of the montage section of the Elyts DVD Stylites and it includes many unpublished clips. Starring: Helmeri Pirinnen, Javi Trepat, Cory Geisler, Julian Zieger, Flavio Pesenti, Tyler Bonner, Remi Bouchard, Jon Reyes, Cory Vanlew, Mathias Holst, Adam Bolton, Luke Painter, Johan Walzel, Max Peters and Dan Barrett.

Filmed: Phillip Long, Andy Rea, & Max Manning
Edited: Phillip Long

Stylites Thursday: BenJ Friant

BenJ is one of the most solid and versatile riders we seen when filming for the Elyts DVD. His skating blew us away and he landed most trick first or second try. BenJ belongs hands down to the top riders of the world.

Coming soon to a a stire near you: Elyts DB1 Shoes

Try on a pair of Elyts shoes and you'll instantly know what these shoes are all about: ultimate shock absorption and comfort. Time to spoil your feet -- your knees and ankles will love it too.

Delivering ultimate shock absorption is the mission of Elyts shoes. Unlike in other roll sports scooter riders don't have the comfort of a flexible wooden board or inflatable tires and any impact goes straight to the rider’s feet and can cause heel bruising and fractures.
Elyts solved this problem by integrating a high rebound heel pad inside the sole which extends over the full length of the shoe. This proprietary foam prevents the padding material from flattening out and is directing the impact towards the center of the heel to maintain its full shock absorbing function. To make it even more effective Elyts added a high rebound insole with gel pad which concentrates its cushioning power directly under the rider’s heel.
Another important aspect was finding the right balance between durability and still being able to feel the deck. To accomplish this goal Elyts increased the rubber content to the max while keeping the sole itself relatively thin. The outcome is a sole with superior grip, minimal abrasion and a great feeling of the deck. All outsoles are lab tested and must meet DIN 65, the ultimate standard in skate shoe technology.

Stylites All Stars Montage 1 -- A Who's Who in Scootering

This section of the Elyts DVD Stylites is a Who's Who of the some of the best riders from all over the world. Starring: Zig Short, Cory Geisler, Tyler Bonner, Julian Zieger, Chris Hart, Javi Tepat, Jon Reyes, Coedie Donovan, Rory Coe, Johan Walzel, Helmeri Pirinen, Mathias Holst, Kingsley Okocha and Flavio Pesenti.

Stylites Thursday: Mitch Baldry

Mitch Baldry's section in the Elyts DVD "Stylites"

Stylites Thursday: Max Peters

Elyts second edit of our Stylites series

Elyts takes Montreux

Congratulations to the winners of the Montreux Scooter Contest: Bunny-up contest: 1. Remi Bouchard Men's Pro: 1. Flavio Pesenti 3. Enzo Commeau

Stylites Thursday: Tyler Bonner

This is the first section of Elyts' Stylites series. To get immediate updates subscribe to our channels on: Vimeo: Elyts https://vimeo.com/user6365469 Youtube: Elytsfootwear http://www.youtube.com/ElytsFootwear

Zig Short: Scoot Scoot BANG BANG

Brooklyn's finest Zig Short drops Scoot Scoot BANG BANG for the 2012-2013 holiday season. With his new style since signing to AO Scooters in 2011, Zig shows off a his new found technical side along with the epic gaps and drops he is well known for.

DOP/Editor/Colorist: Max Manning
Additional Camerawork & Graphic Design By Phil Long & Cory Vanlew

Featured Rider: Georg Gartlehner

I don't know where to start with George, maybe with the fact that he is probably one of the most dedicated riders i have ever met. While he was out in California filming for the upcoming Alpha Omega Team DVD, he treated every day here like it was his last. Throwing hammer after hammer he is nothing short of amazing. He is deffinitly one of the best street riders out there. So sit back put your legs up and get ready to get your mind blow away.

Filmed: Phillip Long, Andy Rea, & Max Kernmayer
Edited: Phillip Long

Welcome to Elyts: Elliott Arnold

Elliott Arnold's first edit welcoming him to the ELYTS Pro team!  Local to San Diego and has an appetite for destruction. This kid will shred anything and is always having a good time while doing so. I see Elli going far in this industry. Not only is this guy 19 but hes seriously only been riding for a few years. I think it goes without saying that he has a ton of room for growth, meaning this monsters only gonna get bigger!

Props to Brandon N for the old school inspiration.

Elyts Team in Barcelona

Luke Painter, Jonas Kjaer, Benjamin Friant, Marko Szabo, Ruben Rodriguez and Jerry Walther recently spent a week in Barcelona to film a release edits for the new Elyts Nubuck and Action shoes. Everybody busted out tricks and had a great time exploring Barcelona's amazing skate spots.
Filmed by: Daniel Thomz, Luke Painter and Iñaki Gil.
Edited by: Iñaki Gil

Welcome to Elyts: Johan Walzel

Elyts took advantage to film a welcome to the team edit during a recent trip of Johan Walzel to California. Johan busted out hard and produced not 1 but 2 edits while in town.

Filmed/Edited: Phillip Long

Additonal Filming: Nick Fleming

Now available: Elyts Hoodie Distressed

The Distressed hoodie is cut & sewn specifically for Elyts. It features a hood with comfortable lining, thumb holes in the sleeve cuffs and is loaded with details, embroideries and a unique appliqué which gives it its distressed look. It is made of 80 % cotton and 20 % polyester for the perfect balance of comfort and long lasting fit.

Elyts rider edit: Joe Flowers

From our friends over at AO comes this edit from Joe Flowers. He kills it with half cab flairs and he destroys everything from ledges, gaps and park. 

Elyts at Epic Contest

Mitch Baldry, Zig Short and Cory Vanlew attended the Epic scooter contest in Rocklin, CA

New Elyts ICONS shoes

Elyts is releasing a new sequel of our top level Icons shoes. These mid-top shoes are made of genuine Nubuck and Action leather to withstand the rough handling shoes are exposed to in scootering.  A reinforced heel area provides full ankle support and protects your ankles from getting hurt in tail whips.
One of the key missions of Elyts shoes is to provide shock absorption. Elyts Shoes accomplished this goal by incorporating a proprietary mid sole inside the shoe sole and a high rebound insole with gel pad which concentrates its cushioning power directly under the heel.
Also the outsole was designed specifically for scooter needs and comes with a 5 mm thick sole with high rubber content for superior grip and minimal abrasion. All outsoles are lab tested and must meet DIN 65, the ultimate standard in skate shoe technology. One of the biggest benefits of the Icons shoes is that the rider can still feel the deck.

Featured Rider: Zack Martin

Zack Martin hitting the street in San Marcos, CA.
Sam Dybeck
Bailey Martin
Riley Ebel
Edited: Myself(Zack Martin)

Elyts in Barcelona

Sneak preview from a film production in Barcelona for the new Elyts Icons shoes for Christmas

Coming soon: Elyts Nubuck and Action Shoes

Elyts will be releasing a new sequel of our top level Icons line. These mid-top shoes are made of genuine Nubuck and Action leather to withstand the rough handling shoes are exposed to in scootering.  A reinforced heel area provides full ankle support and protects your ankles from getting hurt in tail whips. Also increased is the hardness of the embeded midsole to prevent any bottoming out.

Jon Reyes & Dan Barrett in NYC

Jon Reyes & Dan Barrett are getting ready for the ISA International Championships in London in October this year.

Georg Gartlehner & Tobias Mayer in Linz Austria

Georg Gartlehner & Tobias Mayer filmed a short edit in Linz, Austria in September 2012 . Sponsors: AO Scooters, Elyts Shoes and Scooter-Kickboard.de

Featured rider: Johan Walzel

Filmed/Edited: Phillip Long

Johan has been in Cali for 2 weeks now and has already busted out clips for over 2 edits. Listen as he talks about his tricks and the upcoming edit releasing soon.

Johan Walzel Online Profile drops 9/7/12, 12pm EST.

Mitch Baldry killing it in Australia

This is Mitch's first video since performing on tour with the Australian edition of Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus where he landed a nearly impossible scooter double back-flip.
Filmed over a 2 day period at Knox Skate Park in Knoxfield Melbourne Victoria, Australia the advanced park features a 2.7m deep bowl, and a gigantic 2.5m hemisphere cup.

Trick list:
0:15 360 Buttercup
0:18 720
0:25 Flair Tailwhip
0:30 Hang 5
0:40 Frontflip no hander
0:57 Backflip no hander to fakie
1:07 Bri whip
1:25 Quad tailwhip
1:30 Front lipslide
1:33 Superman
1:50 Backflip 180
1:56 Nose Manual
2:00 Heelwhip rewind double whip

InfinityList The Cinematic Sports Experience takes it latest foray into originally created cinematic sports content with pro scooter rider Mitch Baldry.
With our professional production and editing team we used our innovative shooting style to capture the core aesthetic and beauty of the sport which has recently gained a stronger following.

Elyts Back-to-School Backpack Promotion

Just in time for back-to-school Elyts started a promotion to make sure riders will have proper equipment for the new school year. Elyts scooter backpacks will be on sale at many retailers this week.

Elyts/AO Tour in Czech Republic

After picking up Cory and Zig at the Prague Intl Airport we drove to Pardubice to meet our new Teamrider Martin Nogol ( AO, Elyts, 841, Raptor, Titen ) and his guys at a small concrete street plaza. The heat was on and the guys had a fast warm up on curbs and rails.
Around 6 pm we drive to a huge skatepark in Pardubice and the guys went crazy. Zig was doing a 3x3m, double-whip gap down a bank , Cory was grinding a super nice 5m ledge and Martin killed the flybox with a quad flip and the half pipe with big airs.
At 8pm we went to another skatepark in Hradec Kralove and had a chill out session but the guys still killin it:
Martin transfered some ramps and Zig grinded a looong rounded kink rail.

In stores now: ELyts Low Tops

Just in time for summer Elyts is releasing its first low top sneakers.  Theses shoes belong to the Elyts Tantrum line which feature rubber outsoles conforming to DIN 90 and a shock absorbing EVA foam pad inside the soles.The foam insert is embedded into the sole which prevents the padding material from flattening out and is directing the impact towards the center of the heel to maintain its full shock absorbing function. Together with a high rebound PU insole they are responsible for creating Elyts’ trade mark shock absorption and comfort.
The outsole itself was designed specifically for scooter needs and comes with a 5 mm thick sole with high rubber content for minimal abrasion and long lifetime while still allowing the rider to feel the deck.
Mesh materials and ventilation holes provide air circulation to cool your feet. Great focus was put in the design of the heel area which comes with an articulated ankle shape to provide maximum heel support.

Scootfest England

Congratulations to the winners of the Scootfest in England

1. Boris Germain (Elyts, MX)
2. Hugo Svare (Elyts, AO)
3. Luke Painter (Elyts, Dogg)

Featured Rider:

This edit of Remi Bouchard was filmed in 2012 with left overs from his sections of the Elyts video. Big thanks also to the guys of VSS shop.

Featured Rider: Zach Martin

Zack is from San Diego, Ca. With his fast pace riding and clean style he makes a perfect addition to the elyts team.

Look out for this kid. He is on the come up.

Filmed/Edited: Andy Rea


Coming up: Zig Short and Cory Vanlew at GIZMANIA

Aug 16, 2012, 11:00 am: Zig Short and Cory Vanlew will be visiting GIZMANIA scooter shop in Prague. Stay tuned for details!

Featured Rider: BenJ Friant

BenJ recently got back on Micro Xtreme. Here's his new edit. No bar spins in this one.

Elyts in Australia

A while back Zig Short went on tour to Australia to film with Rory Coe and Chris Hart for the Elyts video.

Elyts Mid Top Shoes Review By Kingsley

Impact Scooter Review1: Elyts Shoes & Raptor Grips


Team UKskate | Elyts Promo

the whole ukskate team are on the elyts flow team thats: Steven Beddows, Kyle Cropper, Archie Pratt, Tom Smith, Finn Murphy and James Moult


Elyts is proud to release its first team video ‘Stylites’. Filmed over 1 year on 3 continents the video features many of the best riders in the world. It covers a wide variety of riding styles from technical and big air street, over flatlands to big air, technical and acrobat park. The video has 11 sections and montages with over 600 tricks, many of them you've never seen before.
The Elyts DVD will be a milestone for scootering and is a perfect way to show participants what the sport is all about and what you can do on a scooter.
Length: 45 minutes.

Elyts scooter rider Felix Broo

Shout out to the elyts rider Felix Broo!

AO Europe Tour Pt. 2

Filmed/Edited: Phillip Long

With Austria out of the way, Zig and Cory make there way to Germany where in this part they visit Munich and Nurmburg Germany. Zig had a very interesting run in with security at one of the skate spots watch the video and find out what happens. Also watch the insight on the new 841 tribal wheels and Raptor grips at the end.

AO/Elyts Austria Tour

Filmed/Edited: Phillip Long

Zig Short & Cory Vanlew recently took a 2 week long tour to Europe to promote our upcoming decks. The trip had 3 scheduled days in Austria, Starting in Vienna with there amazing street riding and ending in Linz where we attended the Gizmania contest. The 2 stops were a great success. Part 2 coming soon!

Elyts Shoes

Check out this video about the Elyts shoes!


Congratulations to the winners:
1. Benjamin Friant
2. Petr Macháèek
3. Tobias Mayer

Mitch Baldry Elyts at Nitro Circus

Mitch Baldry doing a backflip no hander at the first live show in Brisbane at Nitro Circus.

ELYTS/AO on Tour in Europe

Meet Zig Short, Cory Vanlew and Phil Long on Tour in Europe.

Be the first to get a glimpse of the new Elyts shoes and AO scooters and their revolutionary technology:

12.05.12    Linz, Austria                 Big Time Scootering  Contest
13.05.12    Munich, Germany       Bowl/Skatepark Hirschgarten    4 pm
14.05.12    Nürnberg, Germany   Bowl (Pferdemarkt)                      4 pm
15.05.12    Leipzig, Germany       Heizhaus                                        4 pm
16.05.12    Hannover, Germany   Yard Skatehalle                             4 pm
17.05.12    Hamburg                      i-Punkt Skateland                         4 pm
18.05.12    Aalborg, Denmark          Scandinavia Contest      
19.05.12    Aalborg, Denmark          Scandinavia Contest   

STYLITES Trailer: Elyts Team DVD

Screening on May 5th will be the long awaited Elyts Team DVD, STYLITES. Here is just a taste of what you can expect. 

May 5th: 37 Elyts Video Premieres Worldwide!

Elyts Video Premier Locations
Vienna, Cineplexx, Wagramerstr. 79, 22. Bezirk, P: 089-28855947, info@scooter-kickboard.de ( May 5, 6.15 pm and 7.10 pm)

Sydney, Manly Youth Center, NSW,  P: 02 8667 7892, bill@skaterhq.com.au (20th May)
Melbourne, Bayside Blades, P:
+61 (3) 95326021, E: neil-rd@reddistribution.com.au
Czech Rep:

BIO/OKO Theater, Frantiska Kriska 15, Prague 7, P: +420602121145, info@gizmania.cz (May 4,

Aarhus, Skatepro, Haslegaardsvænget 16, 8210, P: 45 86763696, Daniel@skatepro.dk (May 5, 11 am)
København, DonkeyScooter, Roskildevej 46, 2000, P:4536302012( May 5, 3 pm)

Helsinki, FinScooter, Pekanraitti 4, 00700, P: 35 8407545062, helmeri@finscooter.com

Maurecourt, Dissidence Shop, 5 rue des erables, 78780, cyrille.dissidence@gmail.com (12th May)

Herzogenaurach ,Jugendhaus Rabatz, 91074, P: 09132-747477, marco@xwdskate.com
Leipzig, Heizhaus Leipzig, Alte Salzstr. 63, P: 09132-747477, marco@xwdskate.com (
May 6)

Badalona, IDM Scooters, Avd. Marti Pujol 301, 08912, P: (0034) 935335011 (May5, 8pm)
Barcelona, Icaria Esports, Avd. Icaria 180, 08005, P: (0034) 932211778 (May5, 8pm)
Castelldefells, Barcelona, California shop, Avd. Constitución 118, 8860, P: (0034) 936641496 (May5, 8pm)
Fuengirola (Malaga), Skate & Bikes Shop, Avd. Miramar 1 - Edificio Myramar Boq 7-5 Local 1, 29640, P: (0034) 951407428 (May5, 8pm)
Madrid, Se Rueda, c/Carranza 17, 28004, P: (0034) 915915210 (May5, 8pm)
Palma de Mallorca, Roll & Roll, Avd. Argentina 35, 7013, P: (0034) 971454294 (May5, 8pm)
Pontevedra, Ponterotas, c/Joaquin Costa 19 local 14, 36001, P: (0034) 886212021 (May5, 8pm)
Valencia, One Love Rolling Distribution, c/Bonifacio Ferrer 23, 46007, P: (0034) 666240012 (May5, 8pm)
Vitoria, Alava, scooterextreme, c/Zarauz 9-11, 01010, P: (0034) 629443522 (May5, 8pm)


Aarau, Rolling Rock, Industriestrasse 44, 5000 P: 41 (0) 62 823 30 23, info@rollingrock.ch (May 5, 8.30 pm)


XFEST, Podington, Wellingbourough, Northants, Santa Pod Raceway, Airfield Road, NN29 7XA, P: 01234 782828
UK Skate
, Ukskate-Park, Canal Street, Stockport, SK1 3BZ, P: +44 (161) 248-4333, E: steve@ukskate.com (May 8)

Boston, MA, Thuro, northeastmedia@hotmail.com
PA, Barking Spyder, stevtees@aol.com
DE, ECX, ecx@comcast.net
NC, Ximeno, P: 864-505-6655, surfridr@yahoo.com
WI, Pipe Skatepark, P: 608 755-1964, thepipe123@att.net
NJ, Incline Club, P:732-901-7900
Perth Amboy,
NJ, Spoil'd Brat, 8861, 148-15 Smith St Tee, P: 848-203-2676, nico1191@hotmail.com
AZ, KTR Skatepark in Glendale, Build-A-Bike, P: 623-937-5222, randyhearn91@yahoo.com
CA, Epic skatepark, P: 916 408-4200
MA, Bamboozle, P: 978-304-2298
WA, Mothership, P: 425-903-4440, djjimmyhoffa@gmail.com
San Marcos,
CA, Civic Center, P: 760-734-1940, ext 0, Info@sunshinedistribution.com, 8:30 pm
South Burlington,
VT, Talent Skatepark, P: 802 864-2069, customskatepark@aol.com
Salt Lake City, UT, skatepark, P: 801-599-5935
FL, Ollie’s Wake-Skate-Skim, P: 9414859253, olliesboards@yahoo.com
MI, Zero Gravity skatepark, P: 248-303-5112, zach@exodusboardshop.com
Glendale, NY, Spokesman Cycles at Atlas Park, 8016 Cooper Ave, P:718-366-0450
Long Island City, NY, Spokesman Cycles, 49-04 Vernon Blvd., P718-433-0450, mwd6422@aol.com
New York, NY, Spokesman Cycles @Union Square NYC, 30 Irving Place, P: 212-995-0450, spokesmancycles.com
New York, NY, Manhattan Velo, 141 East 17th Street, P: 212-253-6788, manhattanvelo.com

ELYTS: UK Tour Part 1

A more in detail look at Ben J and Zig Short while they were touring the UK from London all the way to Manchester and everywhere in between. 

ELYTS Worldwide Video Premiere

Mark your calendar for May 5th, 2012: The Elyts DVD Stylites will premiere in many shops and theaters around the world.

The Elyts video will have 11 sections and montages of some of the best riders in the world and will cover all riding styles from technical and big air street, over flatlands to big air, technical and acrobat park. You will be blown away by over 600 tricks many of you have never seen before.

Build-A-Bike, Phoenix, AZ, 623-937-5222
Elyts HQ, San Marcos, CA, Pizz Nova Plaza 760-734-1940
Ximeno, Greenville/Charleston, NC, 864-505-6655
Incline Club, Lakewood, NJ, 732-901-7900
We are One, SLC, Utah, 801-599-5935
Mothership, Seattle, WA 425-903-4440
Skaters HQ, Sydney, NSW, 02 8667 7892
Skatepro, Aarhus, Denmark, 45 86763696
FinScooter, Helsinki, 35 8407545062
X-World, Herzogenaurach, 09132-747477

Elyts Tour Stop at Rampworx Liverpool

Zig Short and BenJ Friant recently did a tour stop at Rampworx in Liverpool, England. It was awesome and one of our best tour stops ever. Zig and BenJ couldn't get enough of the park. We'll be back ! Watch out for Phil Long's tour stop video!

Tyler Bonner: Welcome to Elyts

Elyts would like to introduce Tyler Bonner to the offical USA Pro Team. Easily one off the best riders in the world, Tyler has shown us why he deserves the pro spot on the team. Watch as Tyler kills it and stay tuned for his section in the upcoming Elyts Team DVD "Styllites".
Filmed/Edited: Phillip Long
Additional Filming: Andy Rea, Matt Morrison

Elyts Presents: Team Spain

Elyts is proud to present it Spanish Pro team: Mr. Javi Trepat and Mr. Marc Paul


Meet Zig Short, Benjamin Friant and Luke Painter on tour in England:

March 22: 5 pm: Bay 66, London (NEW TIME)
March 23: 5 pm: Revolution, Kent
March 24: 12 am: Adrenaline Alley, Corby (NEW TIME)
March 24: 5 pm: Creation, BIRMINGHAM (NEW TIME)
March 25: 11 am: Skate hut ltd, Halesowen
March 25: 5 pm: UK Skate-Park, Stockport
March 26: 5 pm: Rampworx, Liverpool

Now Shipping: Elyts Scooter Backpack White

Elyts invented a backpack to carry your scooter complete or disassembled and you can even attach it to the handle bar when riding. Storing the scooter is so easy out don't even have to take the backpack off and you can even take it with you on the bus or into the classroom.

In Stores Now: Elyts Spring Apparel

Max Peters, Mitch Baldry and Zig Short are sporting the latest Elyts T-shirts which arrived just in time for spring. All T-Shirts are cut & sewn specifically according to our specifications. The quality and workmanship is exceptional and all items are loaded with details, embroideries and appliqués. The fabric is 100 % combed cotton and which gives them an extra soft feel.
Design by Cory Vanlew

Elyts at ISPO

Elyts recently exhibited at ISPO in Munich, Germany, the worlds biggest sporting good trade show. Riders, buyers and shop owners were impressed by the quality and technical features of Elyts shoes

Elyts Shoes & DVD Preview

Zig short explains scooter why riders need good shoes and what Elyts shoes are all about. He's also showing a sneak preview of the upcoming Elyts DVD.

Elyts in Linz, Austria feat. Gizmania

Benjamin Friant of Switzerland, Johan Walzel of Czech Republic, and Zig Short throw down in Linz, Austria with the Gizmania crew. The turnout was great! Huge Thanks go out to all the fellow riders, fans, supporters, and parents. 

Luke Painter Joins Elyts - by Scoot-Mag UK

Scoot Mag from the UK ran an article about Luke's recent trip to Cali and his experience with the Elyts team.

Elyts Mobbin' at the Barcelona Street Jam in Spain

These are riders from many different places from many different teams all united by one sole ;) Expect to see some of these riders throw down at the 2 day event- Barcelona Street Jam. 

One on One | Zig Short Impact Interview

Head on over to Impact Scooter News and check out their most recent feature on your boy, Zig Short.  A true inspiration, he talks about his current projects, petty internet controversy, and his newest mixtape.  Check it out - www.impactscooternews.com

Featured Rider: Benjamin Friant

Benjamin Friant compiled an edit from fall of 2011. Filmed in Switzerland, France and California.

Zig Short and Jon Aglialoro AZ Tour Stop

This Saturday, January 21st, Zig and Lil Jon will be hitting up X-Court Skatepark in Glendale, AZ at 4pm.  We stopped at X-Court last August, mid day with Cory Geisler...  Looking forward to riding here in weather under 110 degress.. haha.  You can also join us right down the road at Build-a-Bike Pro Shop to shake hands and get an autograph.  We'll have stickers and t-shirts to give away, so come on thru!

Elyts Presents: SD6 & Behind The Scenes of SD6

Take a Journey with Elyts as you get inside of the head of our Pro riders. As some of you may know, SD6 is the biggest Scooter Competition of the year to be thrown in California so there was a little pressure applied to them. But when it's all said and done, unwinding is something the team definitely knows how to do ;)  Whether it's stuntin' hard on the scoots or just straight stuntin' at a party, Elyts gets it IN!!! Enjoy ^_^

Getting Ready for SD6: Max Peters, Zig Short, Mitch Baldry

Sporting the new Elyts T-shirts for spring 12: Max Peters, Zig Short, Mitch Baldry

Welcome to California: Max Peters and Mitch Baldry

Just joined the Elyts video production from down under and already killing it: Max Peters and Mitch Baldry.
From left to right: Mitch, Max, Zig and Luke Painter

Elyts Backpack Review at SCOOT MAG, England

Lab testing

Elyts outsoles are currently undergoing thorough testing in our shoe laboratory. We are analyzing and probing different rubber compounds to achieve the highest abrasion resistance without compromising on comfort and flex. All soles must meet DIN 65, the ultimate standard in skate shoe technology.

Elyts Backpack Review, Page 2

By Ben Grantham
Andy Stretton | Scoot Mag | The Freestyle Scooter Magazine | T: 0844 474 5300 |                          
Web: www.scoot-mag.com|facebook.com/scootmag |Atkins Building, Lower Bond Street, Hinckley, LE10 1QU |

Tiger warming uo at Melba skate park

Mathias "Tiger" Holst from Denmark warming up before a photo shoot for the Elyts video in Oceanside, California


Coming up on Decmeber 3rd, is the Rolling Rock Scooter Jam in Switzerland! Try to attend this event if you can to see some of Switzerland's ELYTS riders such as Ben J Friant throw down. There is also word that the first ELYTS shoes will be on display at this competition! To get a first look at the Scooter Scene's first official dedicated footwear product you're going to want to be there. Don't miss it!  

In the house: Tyler Bonner, Jon Reyes, Phil Long, BenJ Friant

The Elyts team is currently busy filming for the upcoming Elyts team video. Watch out for the release in spring 2012.
From left to right: BenJ Friant, Jon Reyes, Phil Long (filmer), Tyler Bonner

Global Domination Tour Allen Texas

Congratulations to the winners at the Global Domination Tour stop in Allen, Texas:
1. Dakota Schuetz
2. Zig Short (Elyts)
2. Raymond Warner (Elyts)
4. Tyler Boner (Elyts)

Global Domination Tour Allen Texas Part 2

What can i say about Texas? Well its hot, everyone says yall, but they have the best locations for competitions. The Razor Global Domination Tour went to Texas for this last competition. The result was amazing, great riding, great turnout, great location.
Filmed/Edited: Phillip Long

Filming in Australia

The Elyts team is currently filming for the Elyts video in Australia. Watch out for hammers in some of the best skate spots in the world.

Do it Big EAST COAST Tour

The Elyts team traveled to the east coast to hit up the Xtreme Wheels Competition. After the first stop at the Comp, the team embarked on a tour throught NY, NJ, and CT. Watch at the Elyts team runs through the citys home town parks an shops.
Filmed/Edited: Phillip Long

ELYTS Scooter Backpack

Ever run into problems bringing your scooter on a bus or into a store or class room? These problems are history with Elyts scooter backpack. Elyts invented a system to carry the scooter complete or disassembled and you can even attach it to the handle bar when riding.
To carry your scooter you simply open the zippers of the front compartment, insert the scooter and attach the handle bar with two velcro closures on the side and should strap. And if you don't need to transport your scooter you just close the zippers and you have the perfect backpack for school and traveling.
Elyts put great emphasis on the quality and workmanship of the backpack. It is made of high end 1000D Polyester and rip stop fabrics and all seams in stress areas are triple or cross stitched . It features 2 large compartments which provide ample room for protective gear, personal belongings and electronic gadgets. It also comes with a padded computer compartment which sits 2" above the bottom to prevent damage if the bags is being dropped. On top of that it is loaded with special features such as a waterproof bottom, pockets for sunglasses with microfleece lining to clean your glasses, media port and phone pocket on shoulder strap, internal organizers and many more.

The Road to Epicness

It starts with an idea that travels from being just a thought to dictating your next course of action. The plan is drawn up but once in effect we all know nothing goes as planned. Every mistake is judged analyzed and you improvise to make the most out of the situation at hand. Take a Ride with Chris Hart, Cory Vanlew, Jon Aglialoro, and Zig Short as they kick it from So-Cal to Nor-Cal ending their journey at Epic.
Filmed/Edited: Phillip Long

So-Cal Feat: Zig Short, Cory Vanlew, & Josh Toy

Southern California is a big hotspot for spots to have a session at. This edit showcases a handful of spots that Cory, Zig, and Josh destroy.
Filmed/Edited: Phillip Long

Elyts East Coast Tour

Meet Zig Short, Jon Reyes and Cory Vanlew on Tour:
May 12, 3 pm: Edison, NJ: Central Jersey Skate (732-650-9449)
May 12, 5:30 pm: Perth Amboy, NJ,  Spoiled Brat (732-442-4334)
May 13, 4 pm: NYC Street Session, LES Chinatown Skatepark/Manhattan Bridge
May 14, 10 am: Rochester, NY: RASP Skatepark (585-271-7277)
May 15, 9 am: Philly, PA, Black Diamond Skate Park  (215-904-7861),
May 15, 5 pm: Lakewood, NJ,The Incline Club 732-901-7900(time allowing, if Philly contest ends early):
May 16, 3pm: Flushing, NY, Alliance (347-287-5037)
May 16, 5pm: NYC, Spokesman, 34 Irving Pl (917-578-0980)
May 17, 4pm: Oceanside, NY, Oil City Richie 516-442-0703
May18, 4pm: Milford, CT, Eastern Pulse Anthony/Dwayne 203-909-6441

ELYTS in Seattle

When it comes to starting a new company, traveling is a must. Elyts took a trip to Seattle recently for Cooter Con 11. Not only did we hit up spots to scoot, but took some time out to look around and visit some interesting places. You can expect more tour edits to come. Edit features riders Zig Short, and Cory Vanlew. With a couple of guest clips from Tyler Bonner, Collin DaSilva, and Jake Pellegrini.
Filmed and edited by Phil Long


Welcome to the ELYTS Podcast. This is the first of the never-ending amount of podcasts to come.

Welcome to ELYTS

Zig Short is one of our leading pros and the man behind a lot of our concepts and designs we will be releasing soon. Zig explains what is going on with the company, as well as his/our goals

ELYTS - A New Era Has Begun

"Scooters are on the rise now more than ever. With the combined efforts of all the best riders in the world catching the public eye, scooters going mainstream is just a matter of time. Coming onto the scooter scene this summer is ELYTS. Prounounced "Elites", this company will be offering high quality attire and accessories created for and by professional kick scooter riders. Not only will these products be state of the art, but they will aslo be stylish (spell ELYTS backwards real quick :D ). Be on the look out for what this company will have to offer as the barriers that the scooter sport once suffered in the past are weakened and toppled over."- Zig Short

Stylites Thursday

Every Thursday Elyts and Phillip Long will be releasing each section one by one if the Elyts Stylites DVD. With the dvd releasing over a year ago, we thought it would a great treat for everyone to be able to see it. First section will be the amazing Tyler Bonner. Stay Tuned!

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