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Elyts 2016 Backpack

The new Elyts backpack comes with some significant upgrades:  We made it a tad smaller (H19.5” x D 8” x W13”), but added a third main pocket and separated  the laptop holde ...

T-Shirt Boxed

100 % cotten, pre-washed, ...

Enzo Signature Shoe

Enzo Commulux Shoe: Enzo Commeau is the first rider ever to receive a pro shoe from Elyts. It’s sharing the construction and shape of the Rebel shoes but comes with suede leather and waxed lace ...


LA Streets On Fire | Elyts Ruckus

Recently we had Tyler Bonner & Jessee Ikedah head down from Seatlle to shred with Cory and Zig in LA. Elliot Arnold decided to head up from SD and from there its history. Filming with this power crew was nothing but banger after banger. It was great to see Tyler back from his knee injury and going hard again.

Filmed: Max Manning (Media Revere), Phillip Long, Rudy Garcia, Jake Hershey
Edited: Phillip Long (Motion Art Productions)

Riders: Cory Vanlew, Zig Short, Tyler Bonner, Elliot Arnold, & Jessee Ikedah.

Song: Joker and the Theif - Wolfmother

Elliott Arnold - Ruckus Shoes Edit

Elliott Arnold showing his digs in a new edit featuring both some nasty shred and a variety of the new Ruckus shoe line! This boy goin nuts on them kink rails!

Elyts in LA

After the CooterCon and Seattle Street Jam the Elyts team hooked up with Matt McKeen and spend a week in LA to give the new Ruckus a good beating. Check it out.

With Cory Vanlew, Elliott Arnold, Zig Short and Matt Mckeen.

Filmed and edied by Max Manning.
Photos: Rudy Garcia

Elyts in Paris

Luke Painter, Hugo Svare, Lambert Judith and Florian Toegel met in Paris to put the new Elyts Ruckus shoes to the test. Check it out.

Thanks Rootsboy for hooking this up.

Elyts All Star Montage 2

This edit showcases is part 2 of the montage section of the Elyts DVD Stylites and it includes many unpublished clips. Starring: Helmeri Pirinnen, Javi Trepat, Cory Geisler, Julian Zieger, Flavio Pesenti, Tyler Bonner, Remi Bouchard, Jon Reyes, Cory Vanlew, Mathias Holst, Adam Bolton, Luke Painter, Johan Walzel, Max Peters and Dan Barrett.

Filmed: Phillip Long, Andy Rea, & Max Manning
Edited: Phillip Long

Stylites Thursday: BenJ Friant

BenJ is one of the most solid and versatile riders we seen when filming for the Elyts DVD. His skating blew us away and he landed most trick first or second try. BenJ belongs hands down to the top riders of the world.

Coming soon to a a stire near you: Elyts DB1 Shoes

Try on a pair of Elyts shoes and you'll instantly know what these shoes are all about: ultimate shock absorption and comfort. Time to spoil your feet -- your knees and ankles will love it too.

Delivering ultimate shock absorption is the mission of Elyts shoes. Unlike in other roll sports scooter riders don't have the comfort of a flexible wooden board or inflatable tires and any impact goes straight to the rider’s feet and can cause heel bruising and fractures.
Elyts solved this problem by integrating a high rebound heel pad inside the sole which extends over the full length of the shoe. This proprietary foam prevents the padding material from flattening out and is directing the impact towards the center of the heel to maintain its full shock absorbing function. To make it even more effective Elyts added a high rebound insole with gel pad which concentrates its cushioning power directly under the rider’s heel.
Another important aspect was finding the right balance between durability and still being able to feel the deck. To accomplish this goal Elyts increased the rubber content to the max while keeping the sole itself relatively thin. The outcome is a sole with superior grip, minimal abrasion and a great feeling of the deck. All outsoles are lab tested and must meet DIN 65, the ultimate standard in skate shoe technology.

Stylites All Stars Montage 1 -- A Who's Who in Scootering

This section of the Elyts DVD Stylites is a Who's Who of the some of the best riders from all over the world. Starring: Zig Short, Cory Geisler, Tyler Bonner, Julian Zieger, Chris Hart, Javi Tepat, Jon Reyes, Coedie Donovan, Rory Coe, Johan Walzel, Helmeri Pirinen, Mathias Holst, Kingsley Okocha and Flavio Pesenti.

Stylites Thursday: Mitch Baldry

Mitch Baldry's section in the Elyts DVD "Stylites"

Stylites Thursday: Max Peters

Elyts second edit of our Stylites series

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